Pre-Feeder Solbox

Create your modular automation, reducing costs and adapting productivity to the needs of each moment.

Compatible with the TGOX, TB-Pack and TGO-M ranges, the Solbox pre-feeder allows the automatic loading of plates directly from the pallet, adapting their loading speed to the productive speed of the machine.
With the capacity to admit a plate stack of up to 1,600 mm and a working capacity of up to three simultaneous poses, Solbox is an ideal complement to the Tecnobox assembly machine, increasing the level of automation of its packaging and increasing both its productivity and operator safety. Reduce costs, plan your packaging production, reduce times optimize your resources with Solbox.
Productividad en las máquinas

Maximum security

Protection and maximum level of security.

Mantenimiento "0"

Productivity optimization

Automation of the plate loading process.

Variador de Velocidad


Provided with measuring flyers.

Alta Velocidad

Working speed

Planned by direct loading on pallets.

Diseño Compacto

Compact design

Facilitating their mobility between production centers.



Able to work with 1, 2 and 3 simultaneous poses.

Apagado Programable


Adaptable to machine speed.

ISO Calidad

Consumables under ISO standards

We only work with standard wear elements, easy to locate in the market.

Pallet Measurements

Esquema pallet
Max(mm) Min(mm)
A 1200 250
B 1000 100
C 150

Dimensions of the iron:
Máx. 1200 x 1000 mm
Mín. 420 x 340 mm
Stack height: 1650 mm. Includes 150 mm pallet.
Preload height: máx. 150 mm

Technical Data Sheets

Working dimensions 3230 x 3024 x 1809
plate stack height 1600
Weight 1800 Kg
Electricity Consumption 400V 50Hz 3PNE
Charging speed (plates/hour) 2400
Compatible with assemblers TGOX / TB-PACK / TGO-M
PLC and automaton SIEMENS / OMRON

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