Our standard and Topseal punnets assembler high speed and performance.

This model offers great versatility and speed in the assembly of punnets, thanks to its operation through two independent servo motors, automatically synchronized, capable of working at speeds of up to 12,000 barquettes per hour in standard formats and up to 6,000 in TopSeal punnets.

Our patented work system using two or three independent servo motors allows a great precision of work, guaranteeing the correct formation and gluing of the different formats of barquette existing in the market.

Transportable and double head the TBQ-pack model is the definitive solution in the assembly of these formats.



Capable of assembling most formats on the market.

Alta Velocidad

high speed

A production of up to 2400 cycles/hour.

Mantenimiento "0"

"0" Maintenance

All systems are optimized to minimize maintenance to the maximum.

Variador de Velocidad

Variable speed drive

Complete control of the plate assembly process.

Apagado Programable

Programmable shutdown

Tail tank with programmable shutdown system, reducing energy consumption.



Lighting on the mold, improving visibility when making adjustments to the machine.

Productividad en las máquinas


We take care of the details and your workers.

Control remoto

Remote control

Better and convenient management and analysis of productive data.

Fácil Movilidad

Easy Mobility

It includes wheels, rings and everything you need for easy handling between production centers.



Manufactured on 4mm folded sheet metal chassis increasing its useful life.

ISO Calidad

Consumables under ISO standards

We only work with standard wear elements, easy to locate in the market.


Standard box and plate dimensions

Get to know the different models and configurations, to adapt to your needs.

TBQ Max(mm) TBQ Min(mm)
D 500 85
E 600 150
TBQ Max(mm) TBQ Min(mm)
A 150 25
B 500 70
C 450 70

Configure it for Topseal formats

Adapt the TBQ-Pack machine, for the assembly of containers intended for closure by heat sealing.



Installation of electric guns for precise injection of gluing points.

Diseño Compacto


We custom design the training system required by your box, to ensure its correct assembly.

Alta Velocidad

Male pneumatic former

We use pneumatics to provide mobility to the male achieving the perfect form.


Specific output systems

We adapt the output systems to your production requirements.

Technical Data Sheets

Working dimensions (L x W x H) 3500 x 2065 x 2460
Transport dimensions (L x W x H) 3500 x 2065 x 2460
Weight 1500 Kg
Electricity Consumption 400V(3PH+N+PE)50HZ
Speed (cycles/hour) 2400
Connectable to the line Yes
PLC and automaton OMRON

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